Drama Review – H2

Next up in the review series is the Japanese Drama “H2”.

This is going to be one of possible several reviews that are in fact half-reviews. This is one of a number of shows I started to watch and simply had no interest in continuing. I think I made it through about 45-50% of the episodes before stopping.

I initially gave it a shot for two reasons: 1) I was looking for an easier show to get into to work on my Japanese. 2) A bartender at a local establishment recommended it to me after I told her about my love of Tokyo Love Story.

H2 is a drama, like most J-dramas, based on a popular manga. It’s the story, like most J-dramas, of high school life. The story revolves around a high school baseball team, its star players, and their rival baseball team. In junior high, 3 friends comprised the nucleus of the best team in the nation.

Then they got hurt. They were told they would never play baseball again. So, they went their separate ways and ended up going to different high schools.

However, the doctor who gave the diagnosis turns out to be a quack and in fact all the kids are perfectly capable of playing baseball.

In many aspects the story is similar to the Bad News Bears mixed with Major League – an amazing player joins a team who literally can’t help but trip over their own feet (this comprises 50% of the “jokes” in the show as far as I can tell) and makes them great. The team is to be cut from the school the following season unless they can reach the high school tournament in Tokyo. The principle is a bit corrupt and through workings I couldn’t quite make out he stands to profit a bunch from this.

So the team sets out to accomplish what should be impossible.

Hilarity ensues.




Actually it doesn’t. Well, unless you find watching people fall off chairs hilarious. I guess some people might.

The show isn’t too bad, and it does have some rather cute girls. Fortunately, I’ve never been persuaded to watch anything… wait… almost anything simply because the presence of some cute girls. Part of the story is that the two former best friends went to separate schools. Our protagonist (A) and his new rival (B) are those friends. The seemingly older B (seriously, the actor who plays him might be 35) spends a good deal of time secretly watching A and wishing him well. Even going so far as to help him out clandestinely a few times. I enjoyed this part of the show as traditional rivalry stories are a bit old at this point.

The main girl is cute and she grows on you after a while. Still, she spends most of her time as comic relief, and by “comic” here I mean she spends most of her time falling over and dropping things on the floor.

Japanese humor is just awful.

Anyway, she does grow on you. She’s a pretty decent actress, especially when you consider what she’s given. The burgeoning love story between A and the girl has its moments of sweetness.

In the end, I just couldn’t get in to it. I find myself too far removed from high school to care about watching high school things. I’ve been going through Buffy by everyone’s favorite nerd Joss Whedon and have found it tolerable, and at times enjoyable. Whedon used a lot of the show’s plots to discuss themes on life and coming of age. It also has some wickedly sarcastic humor.

H2, and most J-dramas, are simply about high school life. It would be like reading a teenager’s blog. There’s no discussion on themes but rather just watching teenagers act like teenagers. And the humor is just bad. Personally, this doesn’t interest me very much.

Japanese Level: Something around conversational level. A lot of the sports moments has very manly colloquial speech, which is much more difficult in my opinion. Also, some of the behind the scenes moments (why does the principle want the team gone, etc.) requires more advanced Japanese. However, I think because the subject matter is baseball and not too much else, it would be easy to familiarize one’s self with some key words and word mine through some of the dialogue. You could easily get a sense of things from doing this.

The rest of the show is fairly standard. Dialogue between A and the girl is standard and easy enough to follow. This is also a great show for people to try to pick up some Japanese because a lot of it is physical based plot lines. You won’t understand what is going on between characters or who is who so much but you’ll definitely be able to follow most of the plot without understanding much of what is said.

Final Thoughts: This is a show that I simply couldn’t get in to. If someone loved baseball I could see it working. If someone really wanted to practice some Japanese and didn’t care about content they might find it worthwhile. Finally, someone in their late teens or early 20s, who still thinks high school was the high moment of their life, would probably really get a kick out of it. Heck, someone who just likes to look at cute people would also enjoy it.

It’s not a bad drama; it’s just not for me.

Verdict: J-drama watch-o rating:    I’ve seen worse.