Summer Break

Summer Break just ended the other week. I’m lucky in that at my company I’m afforded the same breaks the students get, minus a few minor exceptions. This means I get almost an entire month off between the end of July and end of August. It’s a nice time.

This break, much like last break, I didn’t do too much. It’s mostly money problems that keep me from exploring too much. Student loan payments have rendered me on the brink of destitution. One of the greatest disservices the US continues to allow its citizens to suffer.

That is not, however, to say that it was not an unproductive break. Ok, in truth it was rather unproductive. I didn’t study at all, and I didn’t even get much cleaning done. What I did do was break out of a funk that has bothered me for most the time I’ve been here. The funk of social stress.

I’ve mentioned before some of my struggles with social situations and my continuing lack of friends. I made a concerted effort over break to get out of my giant shell and do some things with other people. I did enough that I feel I’m somewhat back to a normal life. Well, normal for an extremely introverted person.

Now that school is back I’m trying to get back in the groove of studying. Last week was tough as I was actually pretty busy all around. This week is looking up. I need to find a new drama to start. I’m thinking of wading into some of the classics despite the overwhelming language barrier that will accompany them (they are period pieces with some old dialects. Like Shakespeare in Japanese).



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