Today was a very busy day. It was one of the few days I have where I got no time to put in some Japanese study nor much else. Very rare indeed.

I did some thinking over the weekend and I’ve decided I’m going to start a new mini side blog. It’s going to be 100% focused on J-drama reviews. The way I see it is that I should be watching much more Japanese things than I do. The problem is I just don’t like J-dramas all that much. I need some motivation. Also, I think people deserve to read reviews about J-dramas from someone who doesn’t think Japan is heaven on earth to begin with. It’s great if everything Japan is something you love, but that doesn’t work for many people.

In other words: Yeah, I’ve watched Gokusen and it sucks.

Right now I have 2 dramas I can write-up a review on with a 3rd one coming up. It will be something I’ll update every few weeks once I polish a drama off.


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