Golden Week

Golden Week is almost upon us here in Japan. Golden Week refers to the first week of May when 3 national holidays all line up in a row, thus giving Japanese people one of only 3 vacation periods in the year. It’s often the busiest travel season and prices become even more exorbitant than usual during this time. Many companies allow their employees to take paid time off on the other weekdays during golden week, marking in many cases the only time a Japanese worker will take a day off the entire year.

This also comes off the heels of last week’s holiday, which is often thought of as the first part of golden week. 4 vacation days in 2 weeks is unheard of in Japan so people are understandably jazzed about the whole thing every year.

Many Japanese people take this chance to go back home and visit family. Some prefer to take a trip overseas for 3 days. With all the traveling and actual days off from work most people are in a decent mood. Also, like all time periods off of work suicide rates skyrocket during this time as well.

I still have no plans for the holiday. I might finally take my mountain bike out on the mountains. Unfortunately, this year the holidays fall on Saturday and Sunday, meaning we will end up one day short of the normal amount of days off.


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