Hee hee hee

Hee hee hee

This is Rola (ローラ). She’s a tarento. She’s very popular.

I really dislike Rola and her tarento peers.

Tarento in Japan are the people you will see repeatedly on any of the common TV shows and commercials on any given day. If you remember that show Celebrity Squares (and if you don’t, just imagine a game show with the same celebrities over and over playing tic tac toe) you will recall there was always a famous center square. Let’s say….. Whoopi Goldberg. However, Whoopi was on that show because she was a pretty big thing for a while. So, you have to remove that part of her career. Same with Gilbert Gottfried. So, take those two on that show, remove any previous fame they might have acquired, and now repeat that same format for every single thing on television.

That’s a tarento.

For example, Rola there can be seen any given second on my television from the time I get home at 5 pm until around 11 pm at night 7 days a week. She appears in numerous game shows, quiz shows, variety shows and commercials.  The reason I singled her out here is because she’s currently among the most famous tarento out there. She’s everywhere in today’s Japan culture.

There are only a handful of these people in style at any given time. I would guess there are about 25-30 major tarento at any given time with an upwards of 100 to fill in the holes. They seem to go in cycles of 5-7 years. So, after an average month assuming you’ve had your TV on every night you will have spent 150+ hours watching the same stupid people do the same stupid things.

It can really grate on one’s nerves.

The thing is these people have no talent. As I said there are only a very select few who were well known before becoming a talent. Most of them are simply popular because you’ve been told they should be popular. They are literally famous for being famous. It’s bizarre. Rola here, well she has the unique talent of sounding absurdly stupid, twirling her hair, carrying around a dumb little dog, and making her face look like a puffer fish. She also has an annoying laugh. Oh, and looking cute. I guess. Although I feel she has the kind of face only a pervert could love.

Oh wait. That’s not unique at all. I would venture to guess 95% of female tarento have the same schtick: act like a helpless idiot and look cute. The reason being this sort of thing kind of gets Japanese guys going. In the meantime men tarento tend to take up the role of telling the females what’s what and/or saying things they obviously know are wrong so another guy can correct them and get a laugh. It’s a strange world.

Most of the shows involving tarento tend to be variety or game shows. Imagine a 1970s American variety show, subtract any charisma the hosts might have had, take away any talent that ever appeared on it, and take away any thing that ever happened. What you’re left with is a Japanese variety show: a bunch of tarento sitting in chairs talking to each other.

Seriously, I’m not making this up.

So why do I have such dislike for tarento? They are on the TV every minute of ever day I’m at home on almost every channel doing nothing except sitting around and talking to one another. This wouldn’t be bad without the final variable: they bring absolutely nothing to the table. Imagine a world in which Paris Hilton sits around and talks with Kim Kardashian and friends for 5 hours a night and it was your only option on TV.

Did I say final? haha Silly me. I almost forgot, and they are super-uber popular!

I dare say that you, too, would take your disdain (if it exists) for Paris Hilton to a new level if you were living in that kind of world.

There it is, the Japanese tarento. Japanese people don’t seem to have any sense of irony (I’ve tested this. A lot.) but this is the greatest example of it I’ve ever witnessed.


You thought I was joking, didn't you?

You thought I was joking, didn’t you?


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  1. Cy
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 15:27:39

    I honestly don’t think Rola is pretty at all like many say. The first time I saw her in a video, she instantly annoyed me. Her most stupidiest-looking face when she makes that ugly fish-cheek effect just throws my day out.


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