I had been saving the biggest peeve and the biggest reward for last.  However, after thinking about it I’m rather going to make this short and sweet with not-so-important topics.


Thing to leave:  Japanese roads

I spend a lot of time driving various places.  Therefore, I’m a bit sensitive about road conditions here.  No one I know enjoys spending more time than they need to getting to and from a destination.

Japanese roads are a giant pain.  This is for a few reasons.  First, they are very narrow and almost exclusively single lane.  You can see the problems here.  Second, speed limits are absurdly low.  20 mph is a standard limit (around 40kmh).  Third, Japanese drivers are not very good.  The combination of not being able to think outside of what you’ve been told and being overly paranoid about everything combines to make Japanese drivers obstacles to avoid on the road rather than fellow motorists.

A good example of this is during right hand turns at a stop light (the equivalent of left hand turns back in America).  Usually, as the next person to make the turn you would put your car out into the intersection to some extent to 1) prepare for the turn and 2) allow people behind you in the single lane road to go around you while you wait for traffic.  Japanese drivers?  Not so.  They just sit where you would stop for the stop light waiting for traffic.  This causes a giant back-up and makes many stop lights 1-car affairs.  It’s highly frustrating.

All of this means a 20 mile trip, which would take about 20 minutes back home, takes over an hour and a half unless it’s very late at night.  The alternative is the freeway (highway), which is far from free.  That 20 mile trip costs around $15 if you aren’t both driving on the weekend (50% discount) and using the country’s automatic toll system (ETC, another discount).  Even with these it’s still around a $6 trip to use the highway.  Oh, that’s one way by the way.  The highway also has two other drawbacks:  entrance locations are few and far between and the road itself winds and twists all over the place and is often a much longer journey than the back roads.

The one upside to Japanese roads is that in general they are well taken care of.  Pot-holes are rare and almost non-existent on the freeway.  That’s really nice.

Thing to keep:  The women

Yeah, I’m a guy.  Who knew?

The girls (women if you prefer, although in Japan this term would really be loosely used) in the country are immature, childish, helpless, oppressed, and often damaged but damn if I don’t like looking at them.

Yes, there is this weird trend where women get their canine teeth sharpened to look more like a little kid and other women get eye surgery to make their eyes comically round and giant.  Hair styles are straight out of the 1940s.  And fashion is strange and/or amusing.  Still, they are just cute.  Plus, the older women look young.  A 45 year old in Japan often looks like someone in their early 30s.  It must be the diet.

And who doesn’t like looking at attractive people?


I am making a break here.  Please note.  Pervy Shaun is gone.


Plus, little Japanese girls are more adorable than a baby puppy.