New Brief Theme

I ran across an interesting blog today while trying to come up with a topic for a new post.  Yes, my life has been rather routine and boring lately so I have no new news to report/rant about. 

The blog is here: 

I’ve since decided that for the next 5 blog posts I’m going to do a small list.  I’m basically going to copy the premise of the other blog and post one thing I will and one thing I won’t miss about Japan.  I guess I could just call this something I enjoy and something I don’t enjoy and it would be the same blog and the same copying.  Either way, that’s that plan.  First one to follow sometime today or this weekend. 

Also, the ju jitsu-only blog will be up and running sometime soon.  I’ve actually been hitting training regularly now so I can talk about it some.  I’ve even gone to posting some videos on my FB account to feel out the response.  Predictably, no one cared.  *sigh*


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