Happy Real Spring

After a month layoff, I’m back.  Not too much has happened.  I had some physical ailments that not only caused me to miss ju jitsu (except one class that I was at 50%) for a month, but also had me out of work for a few days.  I made my first trip in Japan to the physical therapist.  Now I can say I’ve been just about everywhere within the Japanese healthcare system.  Exciting! 

Maybe one change is that I’ve decided enough is enough with using English as much as I do.  I’ve switched over to trying to watch Japanese shows/movies, write my emails in Japanese (when appropriate), and speak Japanese to Japanese people even when they know English.  Yes, some of this I did already but it’s just SO easy to use English when the other person understands English better than you speak Japanese.  Well, enough is enough.  I made a goal that all of my business meetings will be strictly in Japanese come next March.  Time to go from “capable” to “great”. 

And no, I will not be taking any JLPT tests.  Maybe I’ll post on why I disdain these sometime.

The weather is starting to warm up.  This means snowboarding season will come to an end soon, sadly.  I hope to get one or two more good trips to the slopes in.  Also, over the weekend was a somewhat big Japanese holiday that I will cover in a soon upcoming post.  The school year will end next week.  I’m planning a big Skype project with the 6th graders and the details still haven’t been flushed out.  Well, they have but coordinating with the 3 different classes and then people overseas takes a bit.  Hopefully it comes together well. 

Today I want to post another review.  I will be doing so in its own post for sorting purposes.




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