Me and J-Girls

Today I’m going to take a detour from my normal post topics.  I’d like to talk about something that comes up with just about any guy you will ever meet in the following moments after “Japan” is mentioned in a conversation: J-girls.  More specifically, J-girls and their relation to the quest for most men to copulate with anything and everything they can.

Disclaimer: lewdness ahead. 

From my understanding, Japanese girls are the holy grail for the male sex drive.  First, Japanese girls are just cute.  There’s no way around this.  And who doesn’t like sexing cute things?  Also, Japanese girls are brought up in a society where they are taught to be subservient to their male counterparts.  So, most Japanese girls hold a rather giving personality.  This extends to the bedroom, or at least the thinking goes (it does).  There is something about all this that plays to the male psyche.  It’s a carrot held out in front of the mule, except here it’s a funny walk or coy little “cooh”s that are held out in front of the male’s most primal brain.  A brain that has previously been devoid of proper thinking-enabling blood by the cuteness of the J-girl. 

Where all this gets us is to the situation: a great percentage of males in Japan spend their time chasing, and bedding, Japanese women while a great percentage of males outside of Japan spend their time wanting to come to Japan to chase, and bed, Japanese women.  Or so we are told.  Is there truth in this?  Is this just a stereotype?  Are Japanese girls really that easy?

Here’s what I can say:  Everything is true, except that which isn’t.  I think I would divide Japan into two sections.  One section is the larger cities like Osaka and Tokyo, extending to slightly smaller cities with an active night life.  The other section comprises town-ey Japan, not just the inaka but also bigger cities that just happen to be in areas of the country that are otherwise inaka.  This describes my former town of Takamatsu.  The city itself was over 300,000 people, but it was still had town characteristics.

Japanese girls in the city have earned a reputation as willing to sleep with any foreigner after just a tiny convincing.  For the record, I’ve never tested this myth.  Not for lack of not wanting to, either.  I’ve simply never found myself in a position to do so, less geographically than relationship-statusy (coined, bitches!).  However, I’ve heard stories.  Boy have I heard stories.  I’ve even heard stories from some of the less lady loving and more monogamous people about hooking up with girls from their conversation classes and the like.  Places like Gaspanic in Tokyo exist almost solely for women looking for foreigner sex to get their weekend thrills.  For the record I’ve heard Gaspanic described as a place that if you have a pulse, you’re getting laid.  Furthermore, I think anyone who has lived in Tokyo can speak about the very casual nature that Tokyo-jin look at sex. 

Out here in Buddha’s country things appear to be different.  Clubs like Gaspanic don’t exist.  Yes, there are clubs but I’ve yet to find one that is basically a mating stable in dance club form.  Foreigners out here are also a more rare sight than in big cities so girls are a bit more reluctant to open up to them (pun intended) as quickly.  Still, I’ve heard about many foreigners who pull their weight in medium size cities like the one in which I used to live. 

Being a person that has had 2 women worth of experience in as many years in Japan, I’m probably slightly unqualified to talk about bagging chicks in Japan.  Still, I know a thing or two.  One time-tested method is the age-old ritual of ナンパ (nampa), the equivalent of “poon huntin'” in America.  Basically, it largely consists of groups of horny boys (think 20 years old) hanging around a bridge or outside a convenience store yelling “do you want to get some tea or something” to every woman who walks past.  Tea being the Japanese equivalent of coffee.  And I do mean pretty much every woman.  Once in a while there’s a bite, tea is had and then the couple goes to a “different place”, which means a love hotel where they proceed to have empty sex for the rest of the night.  The first part of all this is creepy, the second not so much.  I’ve seen this nampa done and it’s really quite saddening.  It usually also consists of the men following the women down the street barraging her with requests and pleas to have some tea.  Sad times, J-dude.

Obviously, there is the bar scene and picking up girls in the local Starbucks is always a popular activity.  Some of this is similar to back home except you’re dealing with a culture of people so shy they can’t even hug their own kids.  Watching an attempted pick up in a bar can be a truly amusing experience. 

Then, there’s the aforementioned conversation school/language exchange pickup.  Actually, this isn’t so much a pickup as it is the girl doing these activities with the purpose of letting some foreigner have their way with her.  Japanese girls are very sly about it all.  They are the librarian race, if ever one existed.  Cute, wholesome looking, coy, and generally just do-gooders; however, secretly they are hiding some hot fire underneath their demure. 

In my experience Japanese girls come off as more reluctant at first.  However, they warm up to the idea of sex faster than their western counterparts and are generally much more hesitant to say no to an advance.  Maybe this is part of the appeal for many guys.  Outside of club life big city places where it is possible to bring a girl to a love hotel 15 minutes after meeting her, it usually takes a date or two to kick off a one nighter in Japan.  However, the work to get there is less, and an easier route attracts many a shark. 

Yes, most foreigners have a great deal of success in Japan.  It’s hard to find guys here that haven’t been around the block a few times just by virtue of the fact they have so many options.  However, I’ve found that the number of guys that are off bedding a new girl every weekend to be on the low side.  It’s probably no more than it is back home.  However, casual successes are much more common than back home.  As far as the women go, there are really only 2 differences: 1) Japanese don’t consider a one night stand to be anything bad or controversial.  They don’t have Christian and westernized moral thinking weighing them down.  Sex is sex and part of life.  2) Foreigners are the same in Japan as someone from Italy is in Midwest America.  It’s foreign, it’s exciting, it’s sexy, it’s lustful.

One other thing to mention here and it might be the topic of an upcoming post:  Japanese girlfriends and wives typically don’t frown on their partner having sex with a prostitute.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Sometimes this is extended out to “high school girl you paid to sleep with” or “girl you picked up at the bar for one night”.  Again, you read that first part correctly.  Housewives aren’t above playing the field either (entire books have been written about foreigners landing all the housewives in their town).  So, there are a bit more oppotunities for males to explore even when it might appear at face value there wouldn’t be.

This weekend I’m going snowboarding with the guys.  Hopefully no big spills.  I haven’t seen the girl for over 2 weeks, which might be partly responsible for me posting about landing J-girls.


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