Book Review… Postponed

So, there is a new book that came out recently about some dude’s experience for 2 years in rural Japan.  From the reviews I’ve read it sounds like a regurgitation of just about everything that has been said by foreigners who have lived in Japan.  Still, I figured it might be worth a read as it’s cheap and the author supposedly goes out of his way to illustrate the fact that Tokyo and Osaka aren’t really Japan, something I have said in my blog and something I feel pretty strongly about.  It’s a position I can respect.  Another foreigner who lives a few towns over had big bad nasty looking bugs for school lunch the other day.  That’s not commonly heard about when people talk about the technological paradise of Tokyo.

My plan was to read the book this week and write up a little review for my blog.  I figured it would be nice for anyone interested in Japan, etc.

Anyway, I tried to order the book for my PC Kindle reader (why pay for a kindle when you get the same exact thing free on your PC and Ipod?).  Yeah…. Amazon made it purposely confusing to do this.  So, below is my customer service email about my dissatisfaction.

I’ve been trying to buy a book for over 1 hour now on Amazon.  Really, to attempt the purchase of a single book for that long is pathetic.  The problem is this:

First, I upgraded to an Amazon Prime membership to sample the kindle renting library plus other benefits.  However, you seem to have made it purposely confusing that Kindle for PC can not take advantage of a Prime membership.  There is no way to download a book for free through the website; it forces me to pay money even though it says it’s free for Prime members.  I guess it was a good try to slip in the promotion through ambiguous means, especially considering the auto-renewel feature.

So, it forced me to one click order the book, payment included.  I had no other choice even after I turned one click ordering off.  Strange.  Well, I have not updated my one click order credit card information because I have never once used that particular service.  So, Amazon immediately tried to charge my old card, which is no longer in existence.

From there, I decided there was no point in pursuing the free option anymore as I appear to have been tricked.  So, I resigned to paying the small fee for the book and the convenience of reading it tonight.  No such luck.  When I actually went around and updated my now turned off one-click order data and finally got around to ordering the book I got a message saying that I previously tried to order the book, it will now show up on my kindle.

Well, it didn’t.  It hasn’t.  I doubt it will without some fixes over there.  I’m now sitting here over an hour later with no book on my kindle reader plus no way in sight actually to purchase the book. 

I imagine this will be an easy fix on your end as it would appear all you have to do is clear my order history, something Amazon would not let me do.  Why it prohibits me from doing this is beyond me, but so it is.  What appears should be an easy fix on that end has been an hour of aggravation simply trying to read a book on this end. 


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