Happy Minor Holiday

Here’s the moment I wish I had some more comments and followers on my blog.  I’m really debating on whether to create a separate ju jitsu blog.  It will mean a lot more work, but I will also be able to focus on more jiu jitsu-ey things, including rants and what not. 

As I said originally one of my goals with the blog was to help keep up my motivation for training, which I felt had been waning for quite a while.  Well, that hasn’t changed much and since I just bought a new toy in the form of a large TV it doesn’t look to improve this month or next.

For the time being, however, I’ll keep things to one blog.

Yesterday was Coming of Age Day in Japan.  Essentially, this is a national holiday where people celebrate one of the biggest birthdays in a Japanese person’s life – turning 20!  In the states, 18 and 21 are the two “big” birthdays.  I don’t know what other Western countries are like, but those are ours.  In Japan, 20 is the big event.  As with all Japanese things this is also accompanied by ceremonies up the yin-yang.  *sigh*

The best thing about the day as it relates to me was that I had the day off of work.  I didn’t really do anything productive with it, but it was still nice to miss my kindergarten day once again.  Really, the last day before break when I took a nut shot that literally put me down for the count I’ve not had a lot of enthusiasm to return to kindergarten.  

The weekend did hold a ton of snowboarding, which was very fun.  I just need to transfer my enthusiasm to snowboard into my enthusiasm to get into ju jitsu and it’ll all be set.

See, the main problem is that in ju jitsu I’ve really stagnated.  It’s very easy to be interested in something when you see yourself growing and becoming more skilled every time you show up.  It’s not so easy when you don’t feel like you’ve improved for over 2 years.  The main thing is that I still have a lot of fun when I actually do kick myself into showing up.  That part hasn’t faded.  So, ju jitsu started up again after the break for the holidays on Friday.  Tonight will be my first night of ju jitsu in 2 1/2 weeks since I hurt my knee. 

I ran across some good noob ju jitsu blogs today.  I read these much more than I read veteran ju  jitsu blogs.  The sense of discovery and amazement at how awesome ju jitsu is to someone just starting out can be really motivational.  The fact is that even though things like the UFC are now mainstream, most people still haven’t a clue as to what BJJ is.  Most people who begin do so with less than a cursory knowledge about the new world into which they are stepping, and when the doors start to open and they realize the vastness of this thing called BJJ one can almost see the lightbulbs materialize, flicker, and then shine brightly above their heads.  It’s a fun thing to witness.


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