Ok, so first thing is first:  A combination of my horrible work computer and WordPress caused my last post to be both late in posting and half completed.  I had written my last post before Christmas weekend and intended to post it then.  Also had I planned on writing more and the post was literally missing half its intended length. 

Snowboarding happened.  Have you ever had a start to something that makes you want to quit the proceedings before they even start?  That was my snowboarding adventure. 

I went down the last feet of the tiny bunny hill exactly once before my bindings broke.  So, I went over and got part of my bindings replaced at the lodge and trekked my way up to the middle of the bunny hill.  While lacing them up they broke again.  So, there I was about 45 minutes in to a 4 hour span of snowboarding; I had gone down about 10 feet of hill and had two broken bindings  to show for it.  I was not happy.  I finally ended up renting a different board and using that one for the day.  My bindings would actually break a third time while putting my snowboard back into the car. 

I bought a new bindings and snowboard the next day.

The girl also didn’t seem to grasp the idea of being completely new at snowboarding.  Immediately after arriving she was trying to coax me up the lift to the big hill so we could go down together.  When I fell while simply trying to stand up on my board all she could do was express disbelief that I was that bad.  What is weird about this is that I said several times I’ve snowboarded exactly 2 times in my life for the total of about 1 1/2 hours.  17 years ago.  For some reason she translated this as “I’ve snowboarded twice before, I know the basics, let’s rock this place.”  This combined with my binding mishaps made for a really lousy first half of my first snowboarding trip.

Yes, I was lousy.  Yes, there were 4 year olds on skis flying past me as I lay with my face in the snow after a few futile feet at the foot of the faintly sloping bunny hill.  Yes I just used alliteration in that sentence to highlight clues as to what my favorite word of the day was.

But, dammit, I tried.

"Suuure, 'just stand up' you say."

One thing I like to think that ju jitsu teaches you is how to accept failure.  As a white belt you essentially spend every minute on the mat being submitted, dominated, sat on, sweated on, and made a fool of.  Sometimes this all comes at the expense of some 13 year old and you, as a grown man, can’t do a thing about it.  After so many months of this treatment one tends either to become somewhat adept at accepting defeat or one quits. 
Luckily this mentality applies to the slopes as well.  Falling didn’t bother me so much as it was interesting to learn that I did something wrongly.  No sooner had my sore behind hit the snow when I was trying to pop right back up to continue my slow trek down the bunny hill.  It also helps that I never fell extremely hard.  I would like to think that falling practice from ju jitsu helped but I had some spectacularly bad form falls.  However, decked out as I was in my helmet and several layers of clothing I knew I was in no real danger. 
So, I fell, got up, fell, repeated and continued.  There’s not much else to say about other than I simply got up immediately every time I fell and continued on.  After 2 hours something great happened.  I had developed a bit of a feel for what I was doing.
I’m happy to say that I got my revenge on the girl.  By the end of the 4 hours I was boarding somewhat uncontrolled circles around her.  This included going down the big hill and leaving her far behind in my wake.  All in all it was a very good day.  After 4 hours of boarding I went from needing lessons on which foot to put in the board first to tackling the main large hill. 

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