Another Injury

Last Friday the head instructor of the ju jitsu gym came down from Gifu prefecture.  I  have no idea what that means in terms of hours because I’m too lazy to look it up, but I know it’s at least a 2 hour drive.  He seemed genuinly skilled, which was a relief.  The first thing anyone needs to know about joining a ju jitsu gym, heck any martial arts gym for that matter, is that all sensei’s are not created equally.

Yes, just about ever teacher is a black belt.  But if you have a teacher who is a McBlackBelt your training isn’t going to be very productive overall.  I don’t think he’s on the level as my previous head instructor, but he’s on a level that I’m satisfied with.

I also received some good news that the gym, in fact, will not be moving.  Simply, the head instructor guy will be returning to Brazil as his visa expires.  The gym I attend will stay in tact as is.  That was a relief as I genuinely enjoy it there and find the level of overal competition to be decent. 

So, as I said the head instructor came.  Almost 4 hours of ju jitsu and it was good times.  Plus, I’m  happy to say I kept up my goal of trying to pull/take guard every chance I got.  Of course it got obliterated, but that didn’t matter to me.  I think the fact that everyone else there tries to beat the next person into guard helps my cause.  It actually feels like a victory to get guard since the other guy is only going to give me about 5 secs to go for it.  Regardless of the after results this is almost as good as making someone tap.

The bad news was I hurt my knee.  This seems to be the way my training has gone for the past 3 years ever since I popped some ligaments in my left knee.  I get back on the wagon only to get hurt and be sidelined for a month or so.  Very frustrating.  I’m not sure exactly what happened but my right knee got hurt sometime during a guard passing drill.  I think the instructor just put too much pressure for too long on the side of my knee and it pressed my tendon funny, which seems to have….. bruised the tendon, if that’s possible.  It’s slightly stiff when I stand up and sore, but twisting motion or bending it doesn’t seem to affect it too much.  So, this week I’m taking off from ju jitsu for some healing.

This may or may not stop my snowboard plans for the weekend and my winter break.  I am itching to get out on the slopes.  I’ve had visions of being the snowboarding/ju jitsu guy instead of the typical surfing/ju jitsu guy. 

I just do this to relax....


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