Holidays 2

Wow, so the last post wordpress just completely removed all of the text from the post.  Ironically, I spent a little bit of time complaining about how much wordpress sucks when trying to add pictures.  I’m glad it didn’t disappoint.

I believe I talked a bit about the tree and setting it up in a previous post.  So, there it is, the nice, cheap, Japanese size Christmas tree I managed to find.

In other news this is my last week of work.  Thank god.  I need a break from work, especially kindergarten.  I hope this short week break can help me recharge.

I’ve been informed by the girl that Christmas dinner will be KFC.  Yes, that KFC.  You see, KFC is the traditional Christmas dinner in Japan.  As an American I’m constantly subjected to questions around this time of year about how much KFC we buy for Christmas.  I can only laugh.  I’ve eaten at a Perkins for a Christmas dinner with a friend’s family, at Old Country Buffet, and at mediocre restaurants, but I’ve never heard of anyone eating KFC on Christmas.  Heck, I’m not even sure if the place is open.

Yet, it’s big times in Japan.

See how happy they all are?  If you are wondering why it’s a 3 day deal, essentially the 23rd is a national holiday.  It’s the Emperor’s birthday.  So, they just fold that up into Christmas.  KFCs get around-the-block lines on Christmas.  It’s so popular that normal restaurant chains have giant specials for fried chicken on Christmas day.

So, I’m trying to convince the girl that KFC on Christmas is not acceptable.  I think she’s consenting to substitute a pricey fried chicken dinner at some restaurant instead.  I think I can live with that since turkey doesn’t exist here and actual ham is difficult to find.  I’ll be sure to get a picture of that.



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