Wow, talk about a long layoff.  I know, it’s only been not even a week but I feel like it’s been forever.  This was the first week since I arrived that I was actually busy at work.  So, all my productivity took a dive.  This week needs to rectify that.

Tokyo was pretty nice.  I was there for 3 days when I first arrived the first time in Japan.  Everything was so new and bizarre, not to mention being seen through the eyes of jet lag.  I came away not terribly impressed with the city.

I had quite a bit of fun.  I’m still not sure I “like” Tokyo, but I definitely came to enjoy it more than I did previous to the trip.  I think I could go back some more and venture around.  The people though….. Oh there’s nothing like the shallowness of big city folk.

The worst part about the trip was the weather.  Saturday was practically a typhoon, and I packed for sun.  So, I ended up buying new pants and new shoes on Saturday to adjust for my foolishness.  It wasn’t that bad I guess considering I’ve been planning on getting a new pair of jeans for a while.  Shoes not so much as I don’t like wearing shoes.  I’m a Vibram man.  Still, I got some Converse Allstars for $30, which I felt was an ok cost.

Here’s some Tokyo Castle time in the rain.  This is what I understand to be THE famous bridge leading to the entrance of the royal family’s home’s grounds.

Tokyo Castle Bridge

You can see the gloominess and rain in the picture.  The weather was really miserable.  Both of us ended up getting sick by Saturday night and I believe the girlfriend even ended up taking off work on Monday.

In Tokyo there are many temples, but perhaps none is more famous or important to Tokyo than the main temple in Akasuka.  Our hotel was right down the street from the temple and we spent a good deal of a nice Sunday late morning/early afternoon temple looking.

Temple Gate

Gates to the temple courtyard


Shopping Street

This is the famous street leading from the front Torii (gate) to the inner gate.

For some reason the woman felt like sticking her head into the shot there.  Like most Japanese historical sites this one, too, has been overrun by tourist traps and shopping.

There’s a few sites from Tokyo.  I actually ended up taking a bunch of videos for the folks back home rather than pictures; therefore, my picture content is a bit slim even though I planned on uploading pictures.

Really though, who are we kidding.  This is Tokyo.  A quick google search will yield much better material than I can ever come up with.  I will say that there were some pictures with me in them but they are currently not in my possession.  When I manage to get those pictures I will put them up here.


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