Been a bad boy

Yes, I’ve been a bad boy.  I’ve done some wicked things this week.

I skipped ju jitsu. 

There was a reason behind it but as I mentioned in a previous post there really is nothing to note other than I didn’t go.  So, I’m going to be the stereotypical loser/procrastinator/non-doer and say “I’ll start next week”.  Except, I actually will.  I find myself dreaming about ju jitsu, which means it’s high time I get back to training consistently and as often as possible.  I can’t go tonight or Sunday because the Tokyo trip is taking place of all that.  So, next Tuesday will be my “from now” day.

Oh, and I’ve been extremely lazy on speaking English.  I’ve used entirely too much this week (counting Saturday and Sunday).  I did read some really good blogs yesterday about not being a perfectionist when speaking a foreign language, something with which I struggle quite a bit.  That post will have to wait for a different day.  It helped spur me back into Japanese mode.  For now since yesterday I’m back on track to “no English”.

This all gets me back to a goal I set a long time ago, after about 4 months in Japan.  I figured that after 2 years living in the country I could function sans English without problem, minus something extremely technical like appliance repair over the phone.  This means I have about 6 months left.  I’m not sure how to factor in the 8 months I lived back in the states when I used Japanese about 5 minutes a week.  I forgot quite a bit.  Still, I think 2 years is a good goal and obtainable. 

If I could speak Japanese like I do after drinking a bottle of sake then I think I would already be at the 2 year goal.


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