Well this weekend was a fail at my 3x a week ju jitsu plan.  However, there were decent reasons for it.  First, Friday night I had to go into the city to sell my laptop, which I’ve been waiting to do for a few months now.  Also, it was my girlfriend’s birthday weekend of sorts.  So, Friday and Sunday were no-goes on the ju jitsu front.  Unfortunately, next weekend will be the same thing as it’s a rare time both the GF and I have a weekend off together.  We’ll be going to Tokyo for a short weekend trip.

Another thing I failed miserably at was the “speak Japanese only for November” thing.  I don’t know why I did so poorly this weekend, but I was certainly undisciplined.  Something funny happens when you get comfortable around someone.  At least it does for me.  Instead of staying disciplined on my language use I revert back to being “normal” and using an assortment of Japanese and English.

On a bright note I think my teacher’s edition Greek book arrived back in the states.  Now it’s just a matter of shipping it over here and I can get going on that front again.  In the meantime I’ll have to suffice with translating at an 80% comprehension rate, which isn’t bad but I tend to be a perfectionist.  Also, as discussed since this is in reality review it helps if I can just look up a translation and then use what I already know to sort out what is going on in the sentence.

After the trip I will try the whole posting pictures thing here on the blog.


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