School Test

The computer they  have given me to use at school is an absolute piece.  This is going down as my test to see if it is indeed possible to update a blog at school. 

For some reason Japanese technology lags years behind technology back home in America.  There are 2 noticeable exceptions to this rule:  Cell phones and digital cameras.  In these areas they still hold an edge although the proliferation of smartphones is quickly eliminating the first gap.  TVs are comparable except Japanese are much quicker to embrace new technology.  So, 3D TVs were out here about a year before they appeared in America and are currently quite popular.  Maybe some day I’ll blog on the paradoxical nature of Japanese society but for now I’ll leave things vague by saying technology is about the only thing Japanese people seem to embrace change in. 

Cars here would seem to be years ahead of American counterparts at first glance.  It’s hard to find a car without on board GPS with a built in TV.  But, I think the reality is that Japanese people see this is more or less standard options in a car while Americans view these things as luxury only.  Imagine if every Ford Taurus you bought came standard with an inboard GPS and TV tuner. 

This all brings me back to my piece of a computer.  It’s really, truly terrible.  Like, as in using google causes it to crash about 50% of the time.  I probably have to restart this thing on average 15 times a day.  Most webpages that have any sort of graphics causes it to experience some kind of memory failure and fail to load the webpage.  None of this would be irritating if the computer wasn’t new enough to have Windows VISTA on it!  That means the computer, at most, is 5 years old.  Now, some of you might be thinking that’s ancient, but in the world of people who bust out their computer once a week to run a spreadsheet I assure you it’s not so old. 

Really, regardless of age or anything there’s no reason the computer can’t run a simple website.  It took it over a minute to load up this blog page so I could type this out.  This doesn’t include the random strange slow behavior and other stuff going on with it.

Well, back to kanji studying.  I am currently 3 months behind my planned on schedule.


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