So I’ve started a blog

So I’ve started a blog.  I almost feel dirty about it.  I really have strong feelings about the internet age and how people feel a need to make sure everyone else has access to every lame thought that runs across their minds.  With that said, I will put up front:  This blog, for now at least, is mostly for me.  You see, lately I’ve been lacking motivation on some key areas, and I thought blogging about them, and thereby giving me some faux responsibility, might motivate me enough to go from “yeah, I do it.  When I feel up to it” to “yeah, I do it every day without fail”, or close to.

Oh, and I like to opine as much as possible.  I guess this gives me some kind of outlet for that.

I don’t feel like making a giant fuss over a first blog post.  I guess it’s better to let reasons, motivations, topics, what you can expect etc. to come out as the blog develops.  Of course, who is to say I won’t also lose interest in this shortly down the road.  We shall see.

With that said let’s get this all started.


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