Layoffs blow

This is my first actual post.  Let it be known a major topic of the blog will be my life in ju jitsu, one of the things with which I’ve been having motivational issues.

Yesterday was my first day (minus 2 tryout days at various gyms) back in the ju jitsu gym.  I was training at a wonderful place back home in the States, but since moving back to Japan last April I haven’t so much as looked at my ju jitsu gi.  I actually found out about the place a few months back but have been incredibly lazy about starting up.  That and my left shoulder was aching constantly for about 2 months straight.  Of course, excuses like that are part of the reason I have just now gotten around to starting.

Being the first day back it was somewhat tough.  Luckily, however, I’ve actually managed to lose weight now that I’m off the American diet and the simple fact I’m down a belt notch or two was enough to keep me from getting gassed 30 secs into sparring.  Not that I’m in shape by any means, but rolling for 30 minutes straight without feeling like I’m a 10 pack-a-day smoker was a relief.  The real major set back is all the moves you used to do (especially submissions) come so much slower, if at all.  This can be frustrating as you find yourself going back to your absolute favorite submission because it’s completely locked into muscle memory, something I have a bad habit of doing without coming off a layoff.  This will be addressed in a post soon about my fear of being a “blue belt for life”.

One of the main differences between this new gym and my old one back home (is it home?  or is this home?) is the emphasis on a guard game.  States Gym (to be named in the future, but for now just SG) is self-defense orientated and a Rickson Gracie school.  Guard work isn’t emphasized greatly.  Top is considered to be much more important and the stronger position.  JG (Japan Gym – current place) is a sport ju jitsu gym.  When sparring if your opponent hasn’t jumped guard within 3 seconds you might want to check if your pants are still up.

I read some blogs the other day and found someone who promised himself he was going to the gym 3 times a week unless he was in a coma or a limb was falling off.  I think that sounds like a nice goal.  Ideally I would go 4 times a week, but this gym only offers 3 classes a week and I don’t feel like paying double the fee to join a separate gym for a one day increase in training time.  Oh, this weekend is a birthday party so 2 times will have to suffice.  So the compromising begins…….

In other news I just bought a book online.  It’s the teachers addition to the Ancient Greek textbook Athenaze.  You see, I took 2 years of Ancient Greek in college and got through reading a few books of the Odyssey in my Homer class.  But, that was 2 years ago and I’ve barely touched the stuff since then.  Mostly because I’ve been concentrating on learning Japanese and other things.  So, after 2 years my skills have eroded furiously.  It’s not so bad I can’t function but it definitely is frustrating to re-tackle things I already got through previously.  So, I wanted an English translation for the textbook for the 10% of the stuff I am still having problems re-wrapping my head around.  $30 due to inertia.  Let that be a lesson to ya’ll.  Layoffs blow.


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